Jet began her career journey with us at the Holiday Inn Express. Here is Jet’s story:
In late 2016 Clarine asked me to consider working at the Holiday Inn Express as the Conference Center Event Coordinator. It took me about a month to say yes. It was a bit of stretch from the 17 years I spent in banking and farm & ranch management. I had some experience coordinating events for bank customers, but wondered if it was enough.
The confidence Clarine had that I could do the job and her willingness to train me spoke volumes. I took the tools and made them my own from that point, and have never looked back.
Wilkinson Companies constantly provides opportunities for growth and new adventures. After 3 years managing the conference center I was offered a position in the downtown office. I am currently the company payroll manager and over the course of a year in that position, we have streamlined that operation and continue to make improvements.
I have again been challenged to a new role. I am so excited to be moving forward with Wilkinson Companies as the Operations Assistant & Systems Training Manager.